Job description

Post title
Professor and Director of the Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young People
The appointment will be made, dependent on relevant qualifications and experience, at a salary level settled by negotiation and commensurate with the seniority of the role and the level of appointment.
Hours of work
Full time (40 hours per week)
Period of appointment
The Professor role is a permanent academic appointment. The Director role will be for five years with potential to renew for a further five subject to interview and internal advert.
NHS Department/Division
NHS reporting line
Member of CAMHS CAG leadership team with current reporting arrangements
Responsible to
Professor Allan Young, Head of the School of Academic Psychiatry and through Professor Young to Professor Ian Everall (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience) and within SLaM to Dr. Michael Holland and through Dr. Holland to David Bradley (South London and Maudsley NHS Trust)
Responsible for
Benefits realisation, working with CAG leadership

Role purpose

With the establishment of the Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young Person’s Mental Health (PMCYP) and the construction of a new building to house the Centre that is due to open in 2023, we are now establishing a new position of Centre Director to lead the world class research that will aim to improve the understanding and mental health of children and young people.

The Centre Director will be tasked with the responsibility to:

  • Provide outstanding research and clinical research leadership

  • Demonstrate an established track record of building and growing world class research teams that work synergistically with clinicians both within the Centre, the IoPPN and SLaM
  • Create and implement a vision for how the combined clinical and research capability of the centre can benefit the south London population as well as from a national and international perspective
  • Be a catalyst for change in driving policy for Children and Young People’s mental health
  • To demonstrate an outstanding track record of internationally renowned research and clinical practice related to children and young persons mental health and will lead and direct research and teaching in this area

  • Drive the delivery of benefits realisation by leading and stimulating joint working between clinicians and academics before and after the move into the new Centre
  • Deliver clear patient-centred clinical and research outcomes by initiating and facilitating joint projects between staff groups
  • Work to halve the time it takes from discovery to the clinical application of new treatments, by actively removing barriers and focusing effort on where it will make the greatest difference
  • Increase the investment available for the Centre, working with the King’s Fundraising Team and the Maudsley Charity to attract philanthropic income to deliver additional valuable and measurable benefits for research and patient care
  • Work with commissioning entities in the NHS to attract funds, commissioning contracts and investment to trial new services, as well as supporting clinically innovative specialist NHS services/teams
  • Attract additional research funding, co-producing bids with KCL to leverage the inherent capabilities of the CYP Centre with integrated clinical and academic excellence
  • Develop additional and diverse income streams such as private care providers, research and grants, working with SLaM and KCL
  • Build a truly global brand for the CYP Centre by raising the profile both nationally and internationally through delivery of clinical excellence, ground breaking research and developing a culture of exceptional innovation
  • Establish effective mutually beneficial networks with academic and health organisations, government, philanthropists, voluntary organisations and media with a view to furthering the aims of the CYP Centre
  • Work with internal alliances and partnerships such as King’s Health Partners’ leadership, The Centre for Transformational Informatics, SLaM and Guy’s Biomedical Research Centres, The Centre for informatics on Population Level Data, and the Centre for Society and Mental Health
  • Attract the brightest and the best talent to the Centre, clinical, academic and operational

We particularly welcome applications from female and black and minority ethnic candidates as they are under-represented within the university  and SLaM at this level. We understand that flexible working arrangements or career breaks may be necessary in certain circumstances and welcome the opportunity to discuss this possibility upon appointment and throughout the role.

Job plan

Total number of Programmed Activities (PAs) = 10
You will also participate in the consultant out of hours on-call rota (approximately 1:20).

There is an expectation that you will remain in good standing for CPD.  You will have access to SLaM NHS Trust support for CPD activities and study leave and will be expected to  join  a  local  peer  review  group  following  your appointment.

Mentoring and appraisal/performance development reviews

Mentoring will be provided by Allan Young and Michael Holland
If you are a qualified psychiatrist, annual appraisals/performance development reviews will be carried out jointly by Allan Young, Head of School (academic performance development reviews) and Michael Holland (responsible for clinical appraisal).

Suggested timetable

The final details of the job plan will be agreed following discussion with the successful applicant.

Morning sessionAfternoon session
MondayResearch work, IoPPN Research work, IoPPN
TuesdayClinical work, SLaMClinical work, SLaM
WednesdayAdmin/Fundraising, IoPPN/SLaMResearch work, IoPPN
ThursdayResearch work, IoPPNAdmin/Fundraising, IoPPN/SLaM
FridayResearch work, IoPPNResearch work, IoPPN

Role profile

Key responsibilities and objectives of the post will entail:


  • To lead direct research in children and young persons mental health
  • Obtain research grant funding to support research work
  • Publish high quality peer-reviewed papers in this field
  • Lead the delivery of philanthropic funding
  • Undertake and direct the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students in children and young person’s mental health related topics
  • Participate in other aspects of undergraduate teaching as necessary and as directed by the Head of Department/ School.
Supporting children and young people to thrive

 Clinical duties

  • Consultant responsibility for the clinical speciality of the successful candidate
  • To lead specialized clinical services in  a relevant child and adult mental health service
  • Contribute to the medical leadership of the children and young person’s services in the CAMHS  CAG
  • Supervision or co-supervision of psychiatric trainees attached to their service
  • Contribute to clinical involvement and local management arrangements  
  • Complete the administrative tasks necessary for the fulfilment of a Responsible Clinician role.

Benefits realisation 

  • Prioritise and encourage high impact research programmes
  • Lead translation processes to make research outcomes standard clinical practice
  • Monitor feedback on priority research projects and effectiveness of translation and develop and implement appropriate action plans to further improve  
  • Achieve desired local, national and international impact  
  • External marketing and fundraising  
  • Attracting talent  
  • Ensure centre physically ‘works’ to deliver on this.

Highly effective communication and influencing skills

  • The postholder will need not only a big picture vision of what can be achieved but also some very strong influencing, communication and relationship building skills and a track record that demonstrates this  in addition to credibility as a clinical academic.

Academic strategy and financial stewardship

  • Development of an overall academic strategy for the School, which is in keeping with the overall IoPPN and SLaM strategies, that balances the mission of research, education and translational interactions with the King’s Health Partners and integrates the contributions of the constituent Departments within the three Schools.

  • In the context of the overall research strategy of the IoPPN and SLaM, develop a plan for the Centre which involves active monitoring of the grant portfolio and research outputs and work with the Heads of Departments to deliver the relevant targets and outputs.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Dean and Dean of Education to develop an Educational plan for the Division including contributions to undergraduate (esp. MBBS), postgraduate and other teaching and work with the Heads of Departments of Academic Psychiatry to have this monitored and delivered.

  • Oversee the educational contributions of the IoPPN to fostering the field of children and young person’s mental health at the MBBS level and beyond including, but not limited to, the Summer School for Psychiatry, the Academic Foundation Programs, the CT/ST MRCPsych teaching, the ACF and ACLs related to academic training and events such as the Maudsley Debates.

  • Develop a financial strategy consistent with the academic strategy and compliant with relevant resource allocation models; lead the Division in the annual Business Planning Round; to lead in revenue-generation initiatives and in building the IoPPN annual budget and to manage any intra-year budgetary transitions within the constituent Departments.

Performance development and management 

  • Attend the Executive Deans’ PDR review meetings for each Department and be responsible for monitoring the follow-through actions, including performance management, and reporting on progress to the Executive Dean.
  • Develop special initiatives for Faculty Development within the School with special attention to the enhancement of the work environment for women and minorities; with particular attention and support to early career researchers.
  • Line manage the Heads of Departments, meet with them regularly and conduct their Annual PDRs. Where appropriate, to assist the Heads of Departments with performance management/enhancement of individual staff.
  • Chair recruitments and review all probations at the Lecturer level, and where delegated, other recruitments.

Relationship with the Clinical Academic Groups

  • The primary, though not exclusive, relationship of the Division will be with the CAMHS Clinical Academic Groups at SLaM NHS FT. You will take an active role in facilitating the partnership between academics, the CAG leadership and SLaM. You will play a central role in the adjudication of the ACCEA awards for Divisional Academics who are Honorary Consultants.

Representation and ambassadorial role

  • Together with King’s Fundraising and Maudsley Charity co-ordinate and deliver Centre involvement in major strategic awards, in philanthropic initiatives, KCL- wide research and educational initiatives, personnel and organisational development, communication, marketing and promotional events.

  • In collaboration with the Executive Dean take a coordinating role in the IoPPN’s  and SLaM’s input into the Centre for Young People's Mental Health and the Centre for Translation Informatics.

Responsibility to the larger IoPPN community

  • As a senior clinical academic leader of the IoPPN and of SLaM, you will foster success of the School of Academic Psychiatry in a way that enhances the entire IoPPN and SLaM community and in particular would be expected to lead and support active collaboration with the other Schools and active participation in the cross-IoPPN initiatives.

Additional responsibilities

  • This description reflects the core activities of the role and as the College and the post-holder develop there will inevitably be changes in the emphasis of duties. It is expected that the post-holder recognizes this and adopt a flexible approach to work and will be willing to participate in training.
  • In addition to these responsibilities, you may be asked to represent the IoPPN or SLaM in appropriate University or Trust level committees, AHSC-level or outside committees.

Academic environment and support

  • As a successful applicant, you will be provided with an office and administrative support. For the academic component of the post, the research facilities are excellent, with close links to other relevant departments, full computing, statistical and IT support and a large psychiatric library with superb on-line access.
  • You will be expected to contribute and take a leading role in the ongoing programme of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training within the relevant Department and Clinical Academic Group and the Division of Academic Psychiatry of the IoPPN. 

Organisational chart

The Centre Director role would  align with existing governance  structures in IoPPN and SLaM.

The Centre Director could optionally be appointed as Deputy Academic Lead of the Child and Adolescent CAG. 

The Centre Director would participate in CAMHS CAG management keeping a focus on benefits realisation: 
  • Formal, weekly management meeting
  • On-going policy direction and issue resolution on academic matters
  • Performance would continue to be led by the service director and the medical director
  • Clinical strategy would be led by the Clinical Director. 
Organisational chart