Role description

Respiratory diseases remain major causes of morbidity and mortality. In King’s College London, our vision is to build multi-disciplinary excellence in this area. The School of Immunology & Microbial Sciences seeks to appoint a leading clinician scientist as Chair in Respiratory Medicine.

Based at the Guy’s Hospital campus in the centre of London, this leadership post is embedded in a collaborative environment rich in scholarship and clinical resources and committed to developing a programme of international stature in understanding respiratory diseases and advancing treatments.

The planned merger of the Guy’s & St Thomas’ (GSTT), and Royal Brompton and Harefield (RBH) NHS Trusts, and integration of respiratory medicine across KHP, together with the preparation of the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre bid in 2021, where respiratory medicine is anticipated to be prominent, reflects our strategic and wide-reaching investment in respiratory medicine.

St Thomas' Hospital

Purpose of role

To provide the highest level of academic leadership in research in the area of respiratory medicine, and in teaching and administration, as directed by the Head of School and Department. We are seeking to appoint an outstanding scholar with an excellent track record in clinical and academic respiratory medicine with a successful and mixed portfolio of funding support in this area. The successful applicant will be knowledgeable and aware of current research and clinical challenges, including those presented by the planned merger of Guy’s & St Thomas and the Royal Brompton Hospital Trusts. The candidate will add breadth and depth to the current strengths in respiratory research, so candidates engaged in research which complements that of the existing members and those within the wider School of Immunology & Microbial Sciences will be considered favourably.

Academic research

To play a leading role in expanding the international profile of academic and clinical respiratory research within SIMS, FoLSM and KCL by:
  • Providing academic leadership within the current multidisciplinary respiratory research teams and contribute to developing an integrated and sustainable plan for expansion in these areas
  • Facilitating greater integration of respiratory research interests across King’s College London (e.g. Cicely Saunders Institute) and partner NHS Trusts
  • Playing a leading role in securing the future of a Respiratory Research Centre at KCL beyond 2021 that builds on and extends the ambitions and accomplishments of the 10 years of MRC funding (2006-2016) and the current Asthma UK (2016-2021) supported Centre for Allergic Mechanisms in Asthma

Clinical research

  • To reinvigorate the profile of respiratory research within the GSTT Biomedical Research Centre and ensure this becomes a central theme going forward
  • To develop Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital and KCL as a hub for clinical trials in respiratory disease by expanding experience in clinical trials in this area
  • To meet and extend commitments through NIHR/NHS England for commissioned human clinical trials in respiratory disease
  • To ensure a mixed funding model that includes interactions with, and support from industrial partners
  • To ensure clinical trials in respiratory disease are underpinned by high impact, multidisciplinary, scientific investigations supported by peer-reviewed funding
  • Facilitate response mode clinical studies such as to the current COVID-19 emergency

Clinical leadership

  • Play an integral and increasing leadership role and be an authoritative voice for KCL in the KHP-RBH respiratory oversight group discussions.​​​​​​​

Skills, capabilities and experience

The successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate evidence of the following:


  • Provide academic leadership in the areas of respiratory health and disease and to play a leading role in this area within the Faculty, and across the university.
  • Enhance the research profile of the Department, School and Faculty, through maintaining a consistent high-level output of publications and presentations of world-class quality.
  • Sustain high-quality research activity through a portfolio of individual, joint and/or network research projects.
  • Engage actively and regularly in the pursuit of research funding through grant applications and to assist other academic staff in the development of research proposals.
  • Develop strategic collaborations with external partners, nationally and internationally.


  • Contribute to the teaching, project supervision, and administration of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees
  • Supervise and train postgraduate students and postdoctoral research staff to ensure their effective development

Academic citizenship, knowledge dissemination and impact

  • Engage in the dissemination of advanced research through knowledge transfer, outreach, continuing professional development, etc.
  • Contribute to national and international Research Council activities and similar panels as appropriate.
  • Seek continued involvement in international research activities, such as conference programme committees and editorial work for academic journals.
  • Contribute fully and conscientiously to administrative tasks in the Peter Gorer Department of Immunology, and SIMS as directed by the Head of Department/School.
  • Be involved in the mentoring of junior staff and act as line manager for non-professorial members of academic staff. At an appropriate time, the appointed candidate may be expected to take on additional leadership responsibilities.
  • Lead/contribute to service activities within the Department, Faculty and university.
  • Contribute to performance and development review processes as appropriate in accordance with the College’s strategy.